Published On: Fri, Mar 4th, 2016

The Boca Christian Blazers Gives the Glades Day Gators a Run for their Money


After trailing from behind the Boca Christian Blazers beat the Glades Day Gators in their District game.

Having lost two of the past three prior District matches, Boca Christian was looking to get back in the district with the game against Glades day.

As the teams came on to the pitch, both teams were nervous, being that this game could be decisive for the team’s fate.

With Glades day up first to bat, foul balls and balls were the only things being called. And as foul balls became more common, people watching the game left to move their cars so their cars were out of harm’s way.  

At the end of the first inning it was 1-0 Glades day, but strikes ran rampant. Into the second inning with two players on bases, Glades day increases the score by two. Into the third inning, the nerves settled for the Boca Christian Blazers and they got back into the swing of things.

Fourth inning comes around and the Blazers get their boys on bases, and as the Glades Day Gators go up to bat the Blazers trail by one.

Bottom of the fifth inning and its comeback season.

Bases loaded for the Blazers and a single by Pratt, they Blazers get three runs and lead 5-3 at the bottom of the fifth.

From there on, the Blazers held onto the game and win their second district game 5-3.

This game against Glades Day was a crucial point in the beginning of our season. Glades Day has been one of the tougher teams we have played so far this year,” said catcher Austin Smith for the Boca Christian Blazers. “This was a big confidence booster and it also showed that when we’re down, it’s not time to lay down and to roll over, but to pick up our chins and charge the mountain,” continued Smith.

As of their game against Glades Day, the Blazers are on a six game win streak.

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