Published On: Thu, Mar 24th, 2016

Spanish River HS Student Hopes to Help Fellow Students with Free Tutoring, College Planning

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Getting ready for test and preparing for college can be tough and expensive- especially for those students wishing to use tutoring services to raise their grades and test scores. And when Justin Mazor experienced this first hand, he decided to do something about it.

Mazor, a junior at Spanish River High School, became inspired and wanted to help those less fortunate with tutoring and higher education planning.

“I am launching TutorMeFree because after being tutored for standardized tests I’ve realized how much tutoring costs,” Mazor said. “I then thought about how kids who can’t afford tutoring are at a major disadvantage. I also realized most schools require community service, but don’t have a way for students to earn it from home. So I put the two together and came up with TutorMeFree.

“My overall goal is to not only deliver high quality, free tutoring for students who need it, but also serve as a great place for students to give back to the community.”

In the future, Mazor hopes to reward his top-performing tutors with scholarships as well.

Mazor, who is a member of the National Honor Society and Distributive Education Clubs of America, hopes to expand the service in the future, and not only make it local to his home area.

“I hope to cover as much area as possible since it is an online service and anyone with Internet access can get to the site,” he said. “In the beginning however, I would like to start off small scale to make sure the service is working and our servers can handle it properly.”

Once he achieves that goal, Mazor hopes to grow TutorMeFree nationally and internationally for children of all ages and in other languages.

TutorMeFree is currently live on the crowd funding source site GoFundMe. He hopes visitors to the site can see how important these tools are to help others prepare for their academic future.

“I hope to make TutorMeFree as accessible as possible to everyone,” he said. “I am making it an online web-app so students can go to the library if they don’t have devices capable of accessing the website. I am very excited about the launch of TutorMeFree and the positive impact it will have on school age children.”

To learn more about TutorMeFree and to contribute to the cause visit:


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