Published On: Thu, Mar 3rd, 2016

Robert DeLong – Master of Gadgets and Gismos

By Gabriela Barbieri

RobertDelong1Fort Lauderdale, February 25th – Performing at the Culture Room in Ft. Lauderdale, Robert DeLong came on stage after an intro from a new and fantastic band from right here in Florida. “Colours”, Originally from Sarasota, FL focuses on “making art through music”. I wouldn’t say they have a very unique sound, but I definitely wouldn’t underestimate them. After hearing their performance I would listen to them for days, but that may just be because I really like their style. Their sound was very good, and arguably better live than their studio recordings. Great intro show, especially for a band just starting up.


But to get on to the main act–Robert Delong, a one-man band like no other. Verging on a style that I would describe as EDM with some Pop-Indie flavor, Robert DeLong not only sang his songs, but also played the guitar, drums, a small keyboard and another 50 or so odd items. Items like Wii remotes and joy sticks, during his songs.


His songs, having more lyrics than the average EDM song, make some smashing hits, like “Long Way Down” and “Don’t Wait Up” which I frequently hear on the radio. Although I don’t believe his music is played on the typical country, rock, or pop radio stations around Boca Raton, but rather on the more alternative stations.


Throughout the show, Robert practically jumps around from each of the three stations he had set up. If he weren’t playing at a station he would come up closer to the crowd and actually jump, a lot. He puts on a very energetic performance to say the least.



Each of his stations was set up with about a dozen buttons, a mic, and some instruments. There was a drum station to the right, keyboard in the middle, and guitar on the left. The keyboard station took the most DJ time because it was set up with not only the small keyboard and other devices, but also the standard DJ drum and some other normal DJ equipment. For those of you who don’t know, a standard DJ drum has all of those buttons on a pad that play sounds, such as the thing that Becca plays in Pitch Perfect 2 when she is improving Snoop Dogg’s Christmas Album.


Overall it was a fantastic performance that not only me, but also the rest of the crowd really seemed to enjoy. I hope to see more songs from Robert DeLong hit the local radios so more people come to his show, because honestly, it’s one worth seeing.



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  1. Gabriel says:

    Great Job Gabby!!
    Your description of the show is very accurate, and I’m also very impressed by your pictures. They are caught at the right moment and taken with extreme care and talent!
    Amazingly written and structured article!

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