Published On: Fri, Mar 25th, 2016

Florida Atlantic University Closes Due To Storm

By Alyssa Lamp

Florida Atlantic University will be closing campus today at 2 pm because of severe weather. An email sent to the students of FAU says,  “The National Weather Service has forecast severe weather to continue to affect the area this evening and tomorrow. Some University facilities, particularly on the Boca Raton campus that received an estimated 3.5 inches of rainfall within a couple of hours, have sustained damage.”

Computer labs were closed for the night as Florida Atlantic University’s library experienced flooding during strong storms.

“It was insane,” said Chelsea Pigeon, who is currently a sophomore at FAU. “First I noticed rain coming through the window, then I looked down and water was starting to flood the room from nowhere. The water came in so fast, and library workers were running around like crazy trying to unplug and move all the printers and computers.”

Along with the library, the recreation center also closed last night and cancelled all games going on.

“I had an intramural game and once I got there we were told to go to the locker room because there was a tornado warning. The roof was also leaking water all over,” said Bradley Hinman, who was in the gym at the time of the storm. “After they finally let us leave, police officers were outside helping direct traffic through the standing water.”

Cars had stalled on the streets of FAU from the water, and many streets were shut down due to flooding.

More rain is expected to hit Palm Beach County on Friday afternoon, according to the National Weather Service.

The storms are expected to roll through the county after 2 p.m. and storms are expected Saturday. The weather service is unsure whether the storms Friday afternoon will be as strong as last night.

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