Published On: Tue, Mar 15th, 2016

Drink With A Purpose Campaign Coming To Our Backyard

bm_lioneaglepub-1By: Alyssa Lamp

GoFundMe, car washes, and charity walks have become the face of society when it comes to fundraisers. You see them all over the community when driving around or just checking Facebook and most of them have a good turn out, as they should. People love knowing their money is going to a good cause.

The Barman’s Fund, a national 501 © (3) organization however, has taken fundraising and added their own interesting twist to it. All this group of bartenders asks of you is to sit and enjoy a nice cold brew or a glass of wine and tip the bartender.

This non-profit organization, which spans all over the United States with members working in corner bars and eateries,  have raised $187,225.48 overall for many different charities, according to their Facebook. The organization is  all over the country with support in places like New York City, Austin, Charlotte, New Orleans, and many other cities, which now includes Boca Raton.

The general idea of The Barman’s Fund is for one night a month, a group of bartenders take all the tips the earn during a shift and donate it to either a  charitable organization, wish list or groups in need of some financial help, all while getting the community out and about to help support the cause.

“I started the Barman’s Fund South Florida chapter about two years ago,” says Stephanie Kramer, the Executive Director of The Barman’s Fund South Florida. “I pick a different local charity each month to raise money for. Instead of just handing over the money raised, I get a wishlist of items they need and shop for it myself and make the delivery in person so we always know exactly where the money is going.”

According to Kramer,  this isn’t the first fundraiser they have done around Boca Raton. “Last month we raised money to buy lacrosse gear for the Atlantic High School girls team. Other things we have done was purchase 30 brand new instruments for Twin Palms Center for adults (an adult day care for mentally challenged adults), and purchase new skateboards and helmets for H2Flo, a non-profit that teaches at-risk youth how to surf and skate.”

On March 19th The Barman’s Fund is coming back with the event, “Drink With Purpose”.  And it is coming to Lion & Eagle Pub to raise money for the Palm Beach School for Autism. Autism is a mental condition, present from early childhood, characterized by difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts.

All of the money collected in tips that night will help with the purchase of iPod touches for nonverbal students living with Autism to aid them in learning to communicate effectively with the people around them. Aside from the tips that night, The Barmans Fund is also taking cash donations but have also asked Palm Beach residents to donate any lightly used or new iPod touches to the school.

Palm Beach School for Autism is a 501 ©(3). They are a tuition-free public charter school serving children from Preschool through 12th grade on the autism spectrum. They address the learning needs of the students that they serve through individual education plans, highly trained teachers and therapists and a focus on independence. The vision and purpose of The Palm Beach School for Autism is to demonstrate that all age students with autism spectrum disorder can learn to lead successful and fulfilling lives through a structured educational program using strategies tailored to each student’s needs.

Lion & Eagle Pub is located in Northeast Boca Raton, at 2401 N. Federal Highway, with the event starting at 8:00am and going until 4:00pm. If you’re unable to attend but would still like to make a donation, you are able to stop by the Lion & Eagle Pub and make a contribution in advance.The Barman’s Fund is always looking for new crew members too, so if you love giving back make sure to look into joining their team. If you’d like more information for The Barmans Fund’s national donations make sure to check out their facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Liz Dzuro says:

    A great cause that I have donated to in the past and plan to donate to in the future! I just wish the this article was more thorough. The writer looked up info on Facebook then interviewed one person. How about a patron of the bar that has donated, or one of the groups they have donated to in the past saying how amazing the help was? Also, I really wish a decent photo was taken for this article rather than literally going a foot inside the door of the bar and taking a picture of the backs of people’s heads. Not only is that not interesting at all, but their heads are blocking how great the rest of the bar looks, and more importantly the bartender’s that are working for such a great cause. How about a photo of Stephanie, the only person you interviewed?
    Are you guys hiring?

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  3. says:

    “Mail in refund” gets the abbreviation of “MIR”.

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