Published On: Mon, Feb 1st, 2016

Medical Marijuana Makes It Back to Florida Ballot

By Veronica Haggar

Florida voters will have the final say on whether to legalize medical marijuana in the state.

Orlando lawyer John Morgan, announced during this week, that the amendment earned a spot on the November ballot with 692,981 signatures, a lot more than required to qualify.

Morgan is the chairman of United for Care, the campaign run by People United for Medical Marijuana (PUFMM), which has been pushing for the amendment and legalization of medical marijuana.

If the amendment is passed, doctors would prescribe the drug for people with severe medical conditions like cancer, epilepsy, AIDS, among others.

“This November, Florida will pass this law and hundreds of thousands of sick and suffering people will see relief,” said Morgan on a statement.

Two years ago a similar amendment supported by 58% of voters failed as the state law required a 60% minimum to pass.

“To get to 60% this year, we need to gear up and make sure we have enough funds to do statewide advertising for weeks, and make sure that voters in every market know why they should give doctors the right to recommend what’s best for their patients.” said Ben Pollara, campaign manager of United for Care.

According to the United for Care website, recent polling shows that over 70% of Floridians support the legalization of medical marijuana.

“Our language is stronger than in 2014 and it shows,” said Morgan. “Pam Bondi didn’t challenge us this time. The Court approved our language unanimously.”

Medical marijuana is already legal in 23 states and the District of Columbia.

“Every day, doctors prescribe dangerous, addictive, and potentially deadly narcotics to their patients but can’t even suggest the use of marijuana, which has never killed a person in thousands of years of human civilization,” said Pollara. “Very soon, Florida doctors will finally have that option.”

The amendment will appear in the November general election ballot as Amendment 2.

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