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Top Pet Blogs to Enjoy

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The internet is a wide world of animal lovers. From breed-fanatic dog people to crazy cat people and those who love everything in between, just think about how much we learn from other pet lovers around the world via blogs and social media. My team has rounded up six awesome pet blogs to check out when you want to learn a few healthy tricks for your darlings, or take a break from your hectic workday to smile.

1. Cute Overload

As if you can’t tell from the name of this blog, it’s home to the cutest animals on the planet. There’s videos of cuddling red pandas, puppies playing with bubbles, mischievous cats, and snapshots of some less common household pets (like kangaroos and wombats). Cute Overload celebrates the best part of being a pet owner: unconditional love for those little bundles of fuzz who make us smile.


Almost too cute for comfort! (hehehe, we love it!) It’s

2. Dogster

Dogster is about dogs, and also about COMMUNITY!

Dogster is about dogs, and also about COMMUNITY!

This blog’s motto: “For the love of dog,” truly applies to everything at Dogster. Dogster has tips about breeds, grooming, health advice, and nutritious eating. With articles like “My Dog is Better than Your Kid” to answers about your most confusing dog issues, Dogster should be a favorite site for you dog lovers out there.

3. Mousebreath

It’s easy to see that Mousebreath caters to those of the feline persuasion, so it’s no wonder it’s a smart, quirky blog. Their Ask Max Mondays feature “advice and snark” from Max the life-coaching cat. Believe us, his cat etiquette humor will surely brighten up your Mondays at work. The blog keeps entertaining with posts ranging from kitty lifestyles to top cat news stories and even some entertaining DIY projects.



Mousebreath is chockful of entertainment and wisdom for the cat fancier. We hope to have the talented staff review our EcoEars for Cats!

Mousebreath is chockful of entertainment and wisdom for the cat fancier. We hope to have ’em review our EcoEars for Cats!

4. You Did What With Your Weiner?

Adventureweiner Club TM of Seattle & Western Washington

Adventureweiner ClubTM of Seattle & Western Washington

Besides having one of the best blog names ever, Chief Blogger Jessica is also the President of the Adventureweiner Club of Seattle. Her blog aims to disprove all the unfair stereotypes about dachshunds by “climbing mountains” and “living the good life.” You can follow Jessica and her two dachshunds, Chester and Gretel, as they hike throughout the beautiful and scenic Pacific Northwest and discuss small dog nutrition and health issues.

5. Pawcurious

Pawcurious has delightful drawings, advice by an honest-to-goodness vet and much more!

Pawcurious has delightful drawings, advice by an honest-to-goodness vet and much more!

Pawcurious was started by Dr. Jessica Vogelsang, a graduate of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, as a way to “share her love of animals with the world.” Dr. V loves giving doctor-approved pet advice in her funny, conversational tone. She also regularly highlights local shelters doing good for the pet community.

6. Sew Doggy Style

Erika Lindquist shares her handmade dog outfits for her Chihuahua Sebastian on her blog Sew Doggy Style. Filled with pages of adorable upcycled outfits, DIY projects, and fun, SDS is sure to keep you inspired to create one-of-a-kind outfits for your pups. Erica’s a huge fan of National Craft for your Local Shelters Day which is a way for crafters to give back to their pet communities by creating desperately needed beds, clothes, leashes, etc.

we love sew doggy style's crafting for shelters!

we love sew doggy style’s crafting for shelters!

Vet Organics hopes you’ll check some of these blogs out and also visit our own blog and share our love of pets.

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- Craig is the founder of Vet Organics, where he and his team share additional pet-related articles on the company’s blog. Vet Organics is an eCommerce provider of EcoEars and an array of premium natural products dedicated to the health and wellness of pets.

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