Published On: Thu, Jan 28th, 2016

Avoid Unnecessary Trouble!

By Dr. Synesio Lyra, Jr.

Trouble does not necessarily follow certain persons, but there are individuals who definitely go after trouble. No matter where they may find themselves, irrespective of what their intentions may be, almost inevitably they get into some type of trouble with some regularity. What can the cause be? What are they doing to bring themselves into that unpleasant and unnecessary predicament?

I believe that some individuals, by their attitudes, by the way they talk, by the manner they conduct themselves, by the hot temper they demonstrate, or other related factors, can easily be led into trouble with other people. Yet, all this can be avoided altogether!

The frequency of some persons causing trouble, may be due to their lack of sensitivity toward fellow humans, by lack of observation of people’s response or reaction to their peculiar ways, on account of their stubborn insistence in not changing what they are capable of improving, in regular or occasional relationships with others.

Most trouble into which a human may enter can be avoided much more easily than one imagines. Sadly, some people prefer to welcome trouble and deal with it in one’s peculiar fashion that often tends to perpetuate rather than resolve the trouble.

There also are troubles that may affect a person which are not of such individual’s creation. These also, can either be perpetuated, or rapidly terminated. But there needs to be a personal plan in place which can function well in varied circumstances when some kind of  trouble is a possibility.

Such plan needs to be executed with honesty, dispatch, and must address the specific issue that relates to the potential cause of the trouble. It must be dealt with swiftly, as soon as trouble becomes apparent. If one waits too late and too long, instead of acting more promptly, one can easily be engulfed by unexpected difficulties which spin off the primary trouble not dealt with appropriately.

I was fortunate to have grown up with an oft-repeated proverb addressed to me and my play-mates, to the effect that when one doesn’t want, two won’t fight. In adulthood there needs to be a peace-seeking disposition in all our interactions and dealings with others. No one gains any benefit from prolonging a situation which can only get worse by so doing. It’s imperative to live out of solid convictions, emanating from a character which avails us at all times, particularly in moments of potential crisis!

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