Published On: Thu, Dec 17th, 2015

Sun Capital Partners Lifetime Contribution to Boca Helping Hands Reaches $500,000

For the past six years, Sun Capital Partners, Inc has contributed to Boca Helping Hands through its foundation. This year, Sun Capital Partners, Inc reached a milestone with their lifetime contributions to Boca Helping Hands reaching $500,000.

The Sun Capital Partners Foundation, Inc. was established in 2007 to unite the Sun Capital family – Sun Capital’s employees, portfolio companies, and business partners – in a purposeful philanthropic effort.

Since its inception, the Sun Capital Partners Foundation has been able to support more than 250 organizations in meaningful and compassionate pursuits. Through the dedication of their enthusiastic donors, they have been able to support the good work of local nonprofits and educational institutions, while also responding to urgent relief efforts stemming from events such as Hurricane Sandy and the Haiti earthquake.

“Tonight’s a night where we celebrate Sun Capital Partners,” said James Gavrilos, executive director of Boca Helping Hands. “We would not be where we are today if it wasn’t for their generous donations.”

Every year, Sun Capital Partners Foundation picks three to four nonprofit organizations in Boca Raton to donate to, and for the past six years, Boca Helping Hands has been one of them.

“Over the past six years we have seen Boca Helping Hands grow,” said Sun Capital Partners, Inc CEO Rodger Krouse. “They started as a place to simply give food to the needy in Boca Raton, to now providing job mentorship, job training, and helps the kids of the community with their BHH Backpack program as well.”

The money donated by Sun Capital Partners goes to the Boca Helping Hands general fund, which funds its programs, such as Esperanza Catering, its catering program that benefits people in need of work experience.

Another one of its programs, the CDL Commercial Truck Driver Training, has helped numerous people whom found themselves out of work. The program teaches students what to expect in the driving test, and gives them lessons on truck driving.

“The CDL Training was a wonderful experience,” said Tim Samuels, a graduate of the CDL Training. “I needed someone to teach me all the useful information to be able to pass the test and be able to find a job, Boca Helping Hands did that for me.”

“Our collaboration with The Sun Capital Partners Foundation is a model for all interaction between the corporate and nonprofit worlds.” added Gavrilos. “Their commitment to ease poverty and hunger in our community is inspiring. Not only has the Foundation provided needed funding, Sun Capital has also committed its corporate resources. Its employees have organized food drives and volunteered their time at Boca Helping Hands, working in the soup kitchen or filling up pantry bags in the warehouse. This type of corporate responsibility is exactly what America needs during these trying times.”

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