Published On: Thu, Oct 29th, 2015

POLL: What Should The City do Regarding The Wildflower Property?


The Wildflower property has been the number of much debate in the city.

Should the City create a park for its residents, or should the city rent out the land to a company looking to place a restaurant in a prime location?

Back in 2009, the City of Boca Raton purchased the 2.3 acres of land off the northwest corner at the East Palmetto Park Road bridge for $7.5 million.

Since then, many debates have flared as to what should the city do with its land.

On January 15, 2014, the City of Boca green lit negotiations to open a Houston’s Restaurant to occupy the city’s prime real estate on the Intracoastal Waterway.

Since then, many different points of views have been spoken and the city, to a point, has been divided in what to do with the space.

A week ago, Hillstone Restaurant Group said the company was ending negotiations for a Houston’s restaurant on the former Wildflower property. However the City of Boca Raton is certain negotiations are not over, and are still looking for options.

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  1. i think a Houstons Restaurant on the water in Boca would be very nice since Boca does not really have any restaurants on the Intracoastall. It wood be nice for Boca residents to not have to go to Delray or Deerfield/ Ft Lauderdale for a beautiful water view.

  2. Big Bill T says:

    a beautiful waterfront park with an area for food trucks that could be used for overflow parking for the boat ramp on weekends.

  3. Mike says:

    Great opportunity for a Greenspan park and food trucks or small take out .ice cream ,hamburger ,fish sandwich, conch fritters,salad,with outdoor tables everyone’s welcome not just 40.00 pp check averages,

  4. A park with boat ramp overflow parking. Food vendor trucks are good too.

  5. Roman Chavez says:

    How much room would there be for parking? Unless they built a 2 story parking garage. Restaurant… with all the closed buildings all over the place no way! Let them reopen one of the strip mall spots. A nice small park for the people with restrooms and tables. Maybe a tour boat operation on the intracoastal for the people to enjoy a ride on the water. You could also open a concession stand and rent it out to a local business for quick food. Just a thought….

  6. RoseVilla says:

    I would like to see a beautiful park overlooking the intracoastal. No condos please!!! We have enough condos being built . thank you !!

  7. Mercedes N A says:

    Green space for all the community to use, food trucks or a small concession.It is city property, the residents pay taxes a for it and they all should be able to enjoy it.

  8. nick s says:

    i agree with bill and roxanna it should be a park. i believe when the city originally bought the land it was for a park , not a restaurant. but of course our past and current leaders came up with a new plan in an already over built downtown.
    one of the only cities that narrowed palmetto pk rd and other downtown rds and then decided to build numerous condos downtown and they wonder why we have a traffic problem.
    i hope they keep up the good work and ruin boca even more

  9. Park please! No more restaurants! There will be too much traffic in that area, water taxis speeding by, debri in the Intracoastal. A peaceful place to sit, no barbeques, maybe certain nights with food trucks. Just low key, right next to Silver Palm. Plus, there is some interesting history on that site,being the estate called Casa Rosa. Thank you.

  10. John G says:

    Green Space. A park for all the residences to use. The last thing we need is another restaurant and the added traffic it will bring.

  11. I believe that we have enough restauruants
    In the downtown area. There would be another traffic problem as there is no parking for this restaurant. I agree with my neighbors. Let’s have a park to enjoy.

  12. Mike T says:

    Make the space into park. After dinner at one of the existing restaurants on Palmetto we can take a nice stroll down to the park. Granted, the City would lose the tax money. On the other hand, all of the new properties being built downtown should more than make up for the lost tax revenue.

  13. Park with benches and maybe playground

  14. It would be great to have a walking destination park for all of the new condominium dwellers who will want a green space downtown as well as we “old-timers”. A fountain feature would be nice with intracoastal viewing benches, picnic tables, special lighting in the evening, etc. It would be great to eat at Mizner or Royal Palm, then stroll to the park to watch the boats, meet the neighbors. . .This property was purchased to be a park and should be for accessible for ALL the Boca residents.

  15. Patrick says:

    No question…..PARK!

    There’s enough restaurants in Boca already……

  16. Park with picnic, outdoor art, fishing, benches on the water, overflow boat ramp parking, playground equipment…like that!

  17. Park, playground, boat ramp, picnic area and benches. No barbeques but perhaps controlled food trucks.

  18. Definitely a PARK for everyone to enjoy. Open green space uplifts the spirit when surrounded by so much concrete. Let’s do the right thing and allow people to breathe in the beauty of the area.

  19. Mila Berezin says:

    I agree. There is so many restaurants in East Boca to go to. I would like to enjoy a park definitely, preferably with a playground. I also concern about all the traffic the restaurant will bring.

  20. Keith says:

    I agree with most here. An active park with interesting amenities, like kayak rentals, a gazebo a water feature or fountain. Something like Delray’s Veterans park on Atlantic and the intercostal.

    Lets get creative and come up with something special. We don’t need an overpriced chain restaurant that only caters to the wealthy, Boca has plenty of those.

  21. Renee says:

    I would love to see a beautiful, well maintained, waterfront restaurant preferably with docks! Although we do have a lot of restaurants in the Mizner area , we don’t have one on the water. We already have three parks in the area, and none of them are anything to brag about! As a matter of fact, there are constantly homeless people frequenting the parks, sleeping on benches, panhandling and one guy has even set up his own grill and harasses people to buy his food! Instead of adding another park , we should focus on improving the ones we have! If we improve silver palm park, you can eat at the restaurant and then enjoy the park afterward! The best of both worlds! I’m sure the parking and traffic can be worked out, after all at least they will have parking which is more than you can say about the rest of downtown!

  22. Jim Wood says:

    Renee, I think the folks at Boca Landing would be offended regarding your statement that Boca doesn’t have one restaurant on the water.

    And then there’s this place:

  23. Dan Hakemian says:

    PARK!!!!!! There is already too much development east of Federal Highway. City Council needs to do the right thing for everyone. We have no green space already.

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