Published On: Sun, Sep 27th, 2015

5 Reasons You Have to Optimize Your Website for Mobile

In today’s world, mobile devices are ubiquitous. Everyone and their mother has a smartphone or tablet, and most of us use these devices to access the web throughout the day, conducting Google searches, browsing social networks, and even doing a bit of online shopping. As mobile devices become cheaper and more convenient they’re taking over the digital landscape and pushing desktop PCs and laptops into the “for use at home only” category. With that said, let’s look at five reasons why every website absolutely has to be optimized for mobile devices:

1. Mobile Browsing Now Exceeds PC Browsing

As of early 2014, there are now more people who access the internet from their mobile device than those who access the web from a desktop or laptop PC. It’s actually surprising that it took this long for mobile devices to surpass PCs in browsing, but now that they finally have, you’d be a fool not to have a mobile-optimized website, considering the majority of your site’s visitors will usually be mobile users.

2. Mobile Users are More Likely to Convert for Local Businesses

Nearly 80% of mobile searches related to local business wind up resulting in the visitor making a purchase. You’ve probably done it before yourself – you need to find a specific product or service in your area so you plug a phrase into Google, Bing or some other search engine, and before you know it you’re following directions to a place of business in your GPS on the way to making a purchase.

3. Visitors Leave Sites that Don’t Have Mobile Versions

About 60 percent of mobile users will leave your site if it takes longer than 3 seconds for the page to load. Likewise, about a third of mobile users will back out of a purchase if the site’s shopping cart isn’t mobile optimized. Think about it – when you’re on a smartphone and you see a shrunken, ugly desktop version of a site trying to squeeze its way into a 5-inch display, what’s the first thing you do? Either click the back button or check to see if there is a link to the mobile version. One way to ensure your pages load fast on mobile devices is to use a VPS hosting plan from

4. Mobile Visitors are More Social

Another huge reason to cater towards the preferences of mobile users is because they’re quite the social crowd. This of course can result in more likes, shares, comments and other social actions that spread brand awareness and promote engagement on your site.

5. The Internet Goes Everywhere, So Should Your Site

Between the 3G/4G networks of mobile carriers and the cable/telecom networks, there are few places in the civilized world that don’t have access to internet. Everywhere you look people are online, on their phones, tablets, phablets, PDAs, laptops, smart watches, etc. Imagine the disadvantage your site would have to contend with if it only looked appealing on a desktop or laptop PC.

In closing, the best way to optimise your site so that it can be neatly displayed on any device is to use responsive design elements in the site theme. This will allow every component of your site to resize based on the browser, operating system, device, and display size.

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