Published On: Mon, Jul 13th, 2015

West Boca’s Fresh Bites Cafe Represents Lite, Healthy Eating

Stephanie Cornwell

Walking into That’s a Wrap, customers would enter what seemed to resemble a New York city subway station, with the intention of getting a quick, filling and affordable meal.

While the meal selections at That’s a Wrap were extensive, the people eating there had a common craving- fresh, healthy food.

What was once the local sandwich, wrap and salad shop known as That’s a Wrap, has changed its angle to a more modern health-food eatery- Fresh Bites Cafe.

The restaurant is located in Mission Bay, on Glades Road and State Road 7.

When Fresh Bites Cafe, formerly known as That’s a Wrap first moved into town in 2011, many people were surprised it became so successful, due to its neighbors being a similarly health-minded establishment, Panera Bread.

However, according to customer reviews, while Panera Bread began to feel more corporate, Fresh Bites Cafe offered a unique feel, flexible menu and fresh flavors.

John Cibotti , Owner of Fresh Bites Cafe, explains that most of their customers are health-conscious. By making the atmosphere brighter and more colorful, “the response has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Cibotti says that changing the name of the restaurant “lends itself to the food.”

“The name That’s a Wrap made customers assume that the menu’s focus was on wraps, forgetting that there are healthier and organic options as well,” added Cibotti

Fresh Bites believes in natural, homemade ingredients. Protein options such as chicken and turkey are roasted fresh everyday.

The recent installment of a Tower Garden has allowed the growing of fresh herbs such as basil, mint and parsley in the restaurant, allowing customers to see.

There are no processed ingredients in any of the meals, and there are no longer unhealthy sides, such as potato chips.

Along with the name changing from That’s a Wrap to Fresh Bites Cafe, the menu’s variety has grown. Fresh Bites Cafe now offers breakfast all day, every day.

Breakfast options range from bagel sandwiches, protein shakes and turkey bacon, to a hardey bowl of greek yogurt, fresh fruit and raw honey. The most popular breakfast item includes organic spinach, feta cheese, egg whites and optional avocado.

Fresh Bites Cafe’s lunch and dinner menu includes an array of specialty options. Customers can order from the menu, or create their own salad, wrap or sandwich. Soups are available as well.
Being that Fresh Bites’ menu is so flexible, Fitness trainer and life coach, Andrea Hammer intends to guide customers in their daily food choices, by periodically holding nutrition and fitness seminars at the Fresh Bites Cafe restaurant.

The next seminar will be held on July 10 at 6:00 pm.

By offering delivery services, Fresh Bites has been able to reach people beyond the West Boca Raton area. The restaurant plans to open another location in the spring of 2016, although the destination has not yet been disclosed.

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  2. […] Boca Raton residents have a great place to enjoy some tasty yet healthy meals. Fresh Bites, formerly a sandwich shop called That’s A Wrap, makes health-conscious meals with fresh organic ingredients and freshly roasted meats. Customers are free to order off the menu or create their own salad, wrap, or sandwich. For more on this Boca eatery, click here:: West Boca’s Fresh Bites Cafe Represents Lite, Healthy Eating […]

  3. Wendy says:

    You HAVE TO try the Tuna! The Miami Cuban!
    This place is clean, people are friendly and the food is SO DARN GOOD!

  4. […] Boca Raton has a plethora of quality restaurants and upscale eateries, but during the heavy holiday season it might be a good idea to eat something light. The Fresh Bites Café offers Boca residents tasty and healthy meal options that are light but will leave you satisfied. The menu has no processed ingredients in any of its meals and offers a variety of breakfast options, salads, and wraps to choose from. For more on this great Boca eatery, click here:: West Boca’s Fresh Bites Cafe Represents Lite, Healthy Eating […]

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