Published On: Tue, Jun 2nd, 2015

You Can Control Your Reactions!

By Dr. Synesio Lyra, Jr.

Every person is permitted to feel frustrated, to be angry, and to experience disappointment. What one is not entitled to do is to pass those emotions on to others, or to use the moment of uncertainty to make others responsible for the way they feel!

Even if some of those might have been partially or totally the fault of someone else, one is personally responsible to act properly, to deal intelligently and courteously with another, in the light of any unpleasant occurrence!

Self-control is a human quality which applies not just to what someone can refrain from doing, but also from what a person should stop saying and even thinking, about anyone or any distressing situation.

Far too many people are prone to jump to conclusions too soon, before having all the needed facts, thus causing unnecessary discordant notes to sound, affecting an ever larger multitude of individuals, most of whom have nothing to do with the conflict which could’ve been avoided altogether!

Obviously, every person has a right to question whatever happens, to ascertain precisely what led to the incident. In several occasions, once the facts are gathered and reason prevails, one can quickly see that what appeared to be quite bad, happens not to be that at all; the fear of a disruption of relationships had no basis whatsoever!

One of the principles by which I have operated for quite some time is always to suspend judgment in any situation we face, especially one in which where suspicions are possible, and even wrong-doing on the part of another is feasible. The trouble is that many persons are lazy, preferring to think and act erroneously in situations of this nature, instead of seeking a wiser path which entails many inquiries before arriving at a correct conclusion.

Not to be forgotten is also the way truth is perceived and held these days. Some people don’t view truth as it has consistently been viewed and respected throughout human history. For some, truth is not significant anymore. Yet, only when it is found, affirmed, and defended on any situation or issue, can one provide the needed answer to any conflict. Once it’s recognized, then the issue in question can be settled.

Use your mind, involve your heart, control your emotions, speak with caution, and avoid by every possible means reaching any conclusions on a wrong basis, and with the improper tools of mind and reasonableness. Ultimately, only positive results will be satisfying, insofar as they conform to reality!

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