Published On: Sun, Jun 14th, 2015

Learn to Work With Varied Possibilities!

By Dr. Synesio Lyra,Jr.


There are people who are so limited only to their own ideas, that they never consider other points of view, nor other reasonable possibilities of solving a problem, beyond what they alone accept to be the only possible solution.

True achievers, however, never confine themselves in this manner. From the start they realize that if plan A doesn’t work, let’s look at other alternatives before giving up their attempts of creating something good, or applying a new methodology or technology to what is being tested!

The insecure individual, who operates with tunnel vision, prefers to argue, to complain, to discredit, and to do countless more inconsequential things, instead of considering suggested alternatives while there is yet time to accomplish what can bring the desired results.

Through the years I’ve come to recognize that there can be multiple answers to one single question without any reply contradicting the other. A viewpoint depends on the angle though which a person is observing a situation, even if several other persons are attempting the same from the perspective through which they analyze what they contemplate. Most often, it’s through the contribution of several that a proper conclusion is best reached, on account of the varied perspectives that construct the fuller picture!

Some people, insisting on their single, chosen way of doing things, can spend countless hours, or even days without success, and still dismiss other suggestions to what can be a better way – indeed the most decisive manner of leading that task into the desired resolution!

I’m convinced that many times it’s personal pride that blocks one’s pathway to genuine accomplishment; it’s a person’s insistence in pursuing a road already travelled without ever leading to the sought destination.

Sadly, some individuals become defensive when their suggestion is rejected and their way is not attempted. They label the detractors with many uncomplimentary classifications, considering defiance as the primary attitude being shown by the true visionaries.

Yet, such is hardly the case because no one is limited to just one way of doing things, nor one single manner of addressing any situation. Issues need to be understood from the inside out, as well as from top to bottom. Those who limit their observation will never attain a satisfactory understanding, if any at all!

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