Published On: Thu, May 7th, 2015


LOGOThe buzz began a couple of weeks ago.  A new bilingual (private) elementary school is opening in the Palm Beach County region? “Yes, that’s correct” confirms founder and director, Celine Von May.  It’s about time too. For a region as international, sought-after and highly-educated as ours, to not host a “Lycée Francais” seems shocking.  After all, the Broward and Dade areas each have one.  Beyond that, there are over fifty such international school across the United States.  Many are found in and around cosmopolitan centers, but an equal amount of these schools thrive in suburbs in States such as Arizona, Oregon, Rhode Island and Minnesota.

schoolphoto3The French-American International School of Boca Raton opens its doors for the next coming school year, August 24th 2015.  “We are inviting the public to our Open House May 14th, 4pm-7pm” adds Celine Von May.  Children from the Kindergarten through 3rd grade may apply as of now, with no French experience required.  According to the director, this is a special circumstance, as many French Lycées do not accept older children without prior knowledge of French.  “We are making this exception because our classes will be small and schoolphoto2we will have the support available along with the full immersion, for the older kids to adapt and learn French quickly” says Von May.  The new school has received so many calls, they are considering opening the 4th grade for the first year as well.  Additional grades will be added every year thereafter to accommodate the oldest students of the school.  “Our hope is to go up through high school, known as “Lycée”, so that our students can earn a European Baccalaureate in addition to their High School diploma.

schoolphotoThe new school’s academic program is rigorous and challenging. The French program adheres to the national curriculum of France, while the English portion of the courses are designed to meet the requirements of the American common core.

The French-American International School is, like most private schools, a non-profit organization run by its board of directors.  The school is registered with the State and it’s enrollment is recognized by the educational authorities.  “We wanted to make sure that, in addition to learning a second language fluently, our students’ American education continues full steam ahead AND is recognized by the various Florida statutes” says Von May.  “More than half the world’s population speaks more than one language. It all started because I wanted this bilingual education for my daughter and it was nowhere to be found here.  The students of our school will gain a tremendous advantage for their future.  Being bilingual opens doors both nationally and globally” she concludes.

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  1. Emily says:

    South Africans are fluent in at least 2 or 3 languages whilst in kindergarten to 7th grade they add a few more when at High School and University. Its a great help. No harm in that. Knowledge is power. The world over is so cosmopolitan today.

  2. Linda says:

    This may be a great school and many may benefit. I wish there was a way to make private schools accessible for more kids. Not just those are have wealth.

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