Published On: Wed, Aug 13th, 2014

The luckiest people on earth

Have you ever thought of yourself being lucky finding a dollar on the street? It is quite impressive. Or when you manage to fix your mistake a moment before boss takes a look at the papers. That is pure luck. But there are people who are much cooler than that! Their secret abilities will stun you.

1. Concetta Antico

How many colors do you see? It is well-known that human eye can detect ten million colors. And it is where Concetta’s vision went wrong. The research shows that she can see about 100 more colors than an average person. Remember the famous internet meme with the blue or white dress? That is nothing compared to what she can see. A tree leaf is a real rainbow for her. She says that it was too hard to explain to her parents that those fascinating colors are something more than her imagination. And she decided to devote her life to painting. To show the others the world as it really is. Although her artworks seem unreal, they are beautiful.

2. Frane Selak

A man who has beaten death for seven times. It all started in 1962 when the train he was traveling in crushed and fell into the icy river. He was the only one to survive. Despite the broken arm and freezing, he managed to get to the shore when all the other 17 passengers died. Only a year after that he took a plane which got a door malfunction. Nineteen people died, but Frane was blown away and found in the haystack. He swore to never get into the planes and trains again. Three years later he took a ride on a bus which was later found in the river. Selak got out with a few bruises. The man was also shut, hit by the bus and survived in a car accident. After his seventh lucky adventure he went and bought himself a lottery ticket that won one of the biggest jackpots in history of Croatian national lottery – staggering $1,100,000.

3. 19-year old George

A guy who suffered from obsessive compulsive disorder for years. He had to take shower and wash his hands hundreds of times daily. He has lost all his friends, family and even his job. Vising school under such condition was impossible. He felt so lonely in the big cruel world and could not bare his illness any longer, so he decided to kill himself. He took a gun and shot his head. However, he survived. It is unbelievable, but the bullet hit exactly the part of the brain responsible for his OCD. One single bullet cured him and gave him a chance for a happy future. If you still think being special is great – think about these people. Think of how hard it was for them to overcome the fact that they are not like the others. Because modern society tends to distract anyone who is not corresponding to the norms. If you are not like the others – you are to be pushed away. But they manage to find their own way.

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