Published On: Thu, Apr 26th, 2012

Boca Car Wash, serving you since 1962

By: Guadalupe Monarrez

For nearly 50 years, the Boca Car Wash has served the South Florida community. Andre Weliky began his career as a chef. But, when the economy slumped, he decided to enter the car washing business and became the new owner of Boca Car Wash, alongside his father Victor. Weliky has been in business for 3 years and has been voted Best in Boca for those years. It is not surprising as I made my way through many customers on a Wednesday afternoon.

“We have many customers, most of them are from Boca, but we also have people that come from anywhere in between Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach,” says Weliky.

What attracts so many people? Boca Car Wash offers many services. A basic exterior wash is only $4.95 and rates increase with the amount of services that a customer desires.

“We do not try to up sell you like other companies, whatever you want we will do,” says Weliky while giving me a tour of the car line.

As I walked through the car line, Weliky gave me a detailed description of the wash process. You begin by entering the car line and choosing which service you want to have done. Then, staff members drive the car through the wash, where it is washed and rinsed a total of two times. At the end of the line, it is finished by hand to guarantee that every spot is dried. Customers have the option of making the short wait in the interior or exterior of the building.

The car wash is also completely environmentally friendly. They have adopted a green initiative by only using biodegradable soaps and recycling water.

Weliky accounts his employees for his continued success.

“We have good employees, they are always smiling and consistent. We have people that have worked here for almost 20 years,” says Weliky with a grin.

Jonathan Varriale’s shift had just come to an end when he approached Weliky. “Do you need me to stay longer? Because I will if you need me to” he said. “No, but thank you,” Weliky responded.

“I really enjoy the managers a lot. Andre is awesome because he is always fooling around and having a good time,” praised Varriale, who has worked at the car wash for 6 months.

As my visit approached its’ end, there was no doubt that this family business makes the customer feel as the most important person. From Weliky to his lively staff, you can expect them to assist you with whatever service your car needs with a smile.

Boca Car Wash is located at 1299 North Federal Highway. For more details on pricing and coupons, call (561-395-5534) or visit

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  1. Jessica says:

    It’s nice to see this article recognizes the little things that most people take for granted every day. This small business does more than just wash cars; it makes you feel good to be there! The workers there really care about doing a good job to make the customers happy, and it’s refreshing to see a boss who treats the workers well. In this economy, it’s not so common to see people who are happy to work.

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