Published On: Mon, Mar 12th, 2012


By: Marc Kent

This reviewer, joined by three “Foodies” had the privilege to survey Seasons 52 fresh grill menu over a 4 hour tasting.

Unanimously, we were thrilled with the current menu – there was a parade of the best tasting foods we’ve experienced.

While the standard menu changes seasonally, each day it is supplemented by a different list of specials. Each item is less than 475 calories – a very welcome concept – yet the dishes ingredients create flavors that belie their diet-oriented concept.

5 flatbread offerings on the menu and another as a daily special were sampled – thin, thin flatbread with steak+cremini mushrooms and another with portobella mushrooms were tasted then devored rapidly as their toppings were perfection. 10 appetizers listed include a gentle vegetable soup and a really fine chicken tortilla soup with a fair degree of spice. We had goat cheese ravioli-soft pillows oozing melted cheese- simmered in organic tomato broth for a superb taste. Jumbo tiger shrimp, chilled with both homemade cocktail sauce and a delightful homemade mustard sauce was a fine dish as well.

They offer Prince Edward Island mussels- dainty bivalves steamed in a zesty marinara sauce for a smooth tasting treat. Then we had as very, very spicy chicken chile releno with sun dried tomatoes, goat cheese and spinach on pico de gallo- the heat lingers!

Listed are 5 small salads and 5 entrée salads. Fresh organic tomato stacked slices were interwoven with blue cheese, chopped bacon and arugula with a balsamic glaze- juicy and tasty. The Kalymnos

Greek salad with feta, cucumber, tomatoes, sliced red onions and Kalamata olives was as fine as one could have at a true Greek restaurant. A baby spinach salad was completed with sliced pears, toasted pine nuts and gorgonzola cheese while the farmer’s market vegetable plate included roasted bosc pear, butternut squash and – truly fine grilled tofu plus a timbale of almond tabbouleh.

Of the 5 listings of “Fish and Seafood”, we had an amazing grilled boneless trout served with parsley new potatoes, baby carrots and asparagus. The flavor was perfect! Sea scallops – caramelized and the grilled arrived with roasted asparagus and tomato/mushroom pearl pasta-a delight!

We had never experienced roasted artichoke stuffed shrimp until now and we applaud it, together with its wilted leaf spinach, pasta pearls and great clam cioppino sauce. We’ll try the planked roasted salmon and shrimp pasta next time.

Turning to their heading of “Poultry and Meat”, we ordered lamb T-bone chops, done medium and were rewarded with fine tasting lamb with a great red wine glaze and with asparagus and dainty truffle mashed potatoes. An all-natural chicken was served with a rich cabernet sauce, vegetables and organic wild rice – real chicken taste coming through! This section also features wood roasted pork tenderloin, oak grilled filet mignon and grilled venison chop with a mushroom ragout-this for us at a future sitting.

In keeping with the under 475 calorie concept, desserts are small in size but rich in flavor – and there are 8 of these mini-indulgences to select from. They are artful combinations of sweets that you will find as a fitting conclusion to fine dining.

Coffees, teas, water and soft drinks abound and there is an extensive wine list covering some 90 choices, most by glass as well as bottle. There is a full bar and a menu of martinis and “Up” drinks, domestic and imported beers and fine cognacs, brandies and scotches.

The bar seats 25 patrons, the dining area some 250 patrons and the patio another 65. Established here in November of 2005, Seasons 52 is open 7 days from 11:30AM to 10PM until ll:00PM on Fridays and Saturdays.

Seasons 52 is located at 2300 NW Executive Center Drive (off Glades Road) in Boca Raton (Reservations suggested at 561-998-9952).

As stated above, every dish we tasted was a creative and rewarding dining experience. We urge you all to – Go and Enjoy!

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