Published On: Mon, Feb 6th, 2012

Getting the best of both worlds in Boca Raton

By: Douglas Heizer

When Bill Trinka withdrew a few days ago from the City Council race in the March 13 city election, we initially thought it might be detrimental to the electoral process.

But after mulling over Trinka’s decision for a while, we realized, as Martha Stewart might say, that it was a good thing.

If Trinka had stayed in the race against incumbent Constance Scott, voters would have had to pick between the two. And it might have left the also-ran too disappointed to do the city’s business.

Instead, Scott continues to serve in the office she has held for the past three years – and Trinka can help out in the community, as he has for many years, as a citizen activist.

That is, after all, what Bill has been doing for years.  A retired Boca Ratonfirefighter, he is one of only a few people who regularly attend City Council meetings.  He is almost always in the crowd at meetings of the Federation of Boca Raton Homeowners Association. And he shows up at many other meetings.  He was also a member of the Downtown Advisory Board, though he resigned from that panel when he decided to run for office.  There’s really no reason why he can’t go back and rejoin that board.

Scott and Trinka have special attributes that can help the community.  One thing they have in common is a love forBoca Raton. Constance has worked in a variety of capacities, including public information officer for the city ofBoca Raton.  She has handled several jobs involving economic development – a field in which she has an abundance of experience and knowledge.  She is currently a banker at Citi corp.

Trinka came toBoca Raton as a youth and, in his own words, learned from his father the importance of self-reliance and the spirit of giving.  When he decided to pull out of the council race, he said it was not his nature to ask people for money – he was very uncomfortable with that prospect which has become an integral part of running for office.

No, instead he reassessed his own position and decided he would continue to work for the city as an interested citizen.  He could still attend meetings and speak at council sessions.  He did not need to be a member of the council to get his words heard.  He can still step to the lectern when he has something to say.  And at 6-foot-8, Bill is certainly an impressive figure.

Just look at what the people of Boca Raton are getting in this new package.  Scott has served for three very productive years.  And her service as chairwoman of the Community Redevelopment Agency has enhanced her council experience.  Not only that, she has gained leadership skills that even Mayor Susan Whelchel noted when she endorsed Scott earlier in the campaign.

Trinka has also learned much, both as a firefighter forBoca Raton(he is now retired) and a local businessman.  He is obviously not shy about making his comments known in any type of forum.

Both have spouses who have served the community as well. Scott’s husband, Tom, is a former legislator in Michigan.  Trinka’s wife, Roxanna, is CEO of Baseline Engineering and has served many organizations such as the Greater Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce. Together, the Trinkas have done much for the city and its residents.

When you come right down to it, removing oneself from a run for political office is something that will help the city by guaranteeing that two well-educated and well-intentioned people will continue to aid the community in many different ways.  It also avoids a potential political confrontation that might not be in the best interests of residents.

Boca Raton is getting the best of both worlds with Scott and Trinka working in tandem for the peoples’ interests.


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