Published On: Tue, Oct 4th, 2011

POSITIVE LIVING – Are Your Complaints Justified?

By Dr. Synesio Lyra, Jr.

Human nature frequently reacts when things don’t go the anticipated way.
People often complain, both for right reasons and for wrong expectations.

Some complaints tend to cover up a person’s own inadequacy at a time when
other solutions could and should have been sought and brought forth. Other
complaints may appear justifiable, on the surface, and have some validity if the
complainer is being adversely affected by what is being complained about.

It is indeed very human for a person to complain when protection is lacking,
when enemies rise up against, when other conditions are so adverse in life that there
seems to be no end in sight, and no palpable help while those situations persist.

The question “why” shall always be used by humans as long as the ages roll.
And that is perfectly alright if, indeed, one is seeking an honest answer and solution.

Dr. Augusto Cury, a renown Brazilian psychiatrist and influential author,
makes an interesting point when he comments: “We suffer all the time for things
which have not yet happened. More than 90% of the monsters we create shall never
become real, but we are specialists in creating them.”

Most of the issues people complain about relate to the results of their personal,
bad choices. Some may complain about a physician who cannot heal them of
something, when the same physician had consistently addressed some bad habits or
vices that person should eradicate but didn’t. Others may complain about a situation
which unfolded in their life, in spite of the fact they had been adequately forewarned
of the consequences of certain actions of theirs, or lack of the same.

Complaints about varied situations may also be invalid, especially when
circumstances tend to change. Yet, one can be pro-active in altering their course.
Still other complaints may lack validity for they relate to imagined conditions, even
unreal occurrences in life, instead of tangible, concrete realities.

The badness of others, the cruelty of many, distortions and dishonesty
adversely affecting a person, are among the justifiable complaints one may make, be
that to a political representative, in a Court of law, or to others capable of improving
conditions or seeking restitution on one’s behalf.

One should always be careful when complaining about anything. To be
avoided are complaints about what all humanity shares from the beginning. Even
adverse experiences may be the best teachers we get. Unless we can change the
course of events, let us glad accept what comes our way and not be paralysed by
whatever we cannot improve. Ultimately, God gladly hears our laments and can offer
His remedy!

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