Published On: Wed, Jun 22nd, 2011

MOONLIGHT Positively Mesmerizing!

 Steve Cole walked onto the stage and within minutes we were totally captivated.  Being at his Moonlight CD release party at Club 303 in Royal Palm Place last Friday night, which was his only South Florida appearance on the tour, was one of those experiences that none of those in attendance will soon forget.  When interacting with the audience, which he did throughout the show, he was funny, charming, and totally drew you into enjoying great music in a great venue.  So how good was his show?  Here are quotes from just a few of the people who attended:

 “Great show last night. Thanks so much Royal Palm Place.”

“The Steve Cole concert was fantastic…”

“5 stars!!!”

“Great show last night in Boca!”

“He was awesome!”

“Not ‘EVERYDAY’ we get to see such a cool show.”

“Loved the show in Boca, Steve, keep doing your thing.”

“Thanks Steve for coming to Boca and sharing your talent alongside an awesome rhythm section!! I’m diggin’ my new CD this Sunday morning.”

 And what did Steve Cole think?  “Just want to thank everyone for coming out…The band and I had a fantastic time, and we hope to see you Floridians again really soon!!!!”

 Steve Cole’s new album Moonlight is an absolute masterpiece!  At the heart of this project is the title track, which appeared in the 1995 film “Sabrina”, and this CD is destined to become one of those that not only becomes a permanent part of your collection but one that will have the kind of longevity where you will be listening to it for years to come.

 With Moonlight, Cole has come full circle back to his first success as a young musician – performing with strings and winds. His father, a professional saxophonist, had taught him the instrument, but Cole dropped out of the school band and lost interest in music entirely, before a high-school teacher introduced him to classical saxophone technique. “He had studied at the Bordeaux Conservatory in France, and he was a dedicated teacher, with this beautiful sound and concept. He got me seriously studying classical music for saxophone and orchestra: no jazz at all.”

 After earning an MBA degree, Cole was able to utilize his knowledge of the music industry to negotiate his first contract with Atlantic Records. “Music is a business”, says Cole, a concept he now dedicates himself to sharing with the next generation.  Before accepting a position at McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul, Minnesota, he served as professor of Music Business Management at Columbia College.  “I teach my students to have an unencumbered outlook on creativity” he explains.  Motivated by the melody of Moonlight, Cole has produced a record full of strong emotion and genuine craftsmanship that is clearly charting a new direction for the next stage of his career.  Here is a musician who continually perfects his sound with every record that bears his name.

 And Boca’s message to Steve Cole?  You are truly an amazing talent and we can’t wait for you to come back again!

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  1. Eli Morgan says:

    Steve Cole wad fantastic! He is a master with hin saxofón!

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