Published On: Thu, Sep 16th, 2010

You Need More Help Than You Realize!

By Dr. Synesio Lyra, Jr.

Once I heard a true story about a man, giving a public talk during which he repeatedly bragged about being a self-taught man. At the conclusion, someone in the audience got up and addressed the speaker, saying:  “Sir, next time would you consider using some help?”

Indeed, all persons need help of some kind, even in areas where they may feel overly confident. God placed humans in society where they can contribute of what they know and have, but also receive the benefits others can offer. Sadly, human pride often prevents people from achieving much more, with the help of others,

Dr. Synesio Lyra

than they would by going alone.

The so-called “lone ranger” is often a loser from the word go! Those who think they know it all, and avoid seeking any assistance, move through life only to manifest their ignorance and quite often their stupidity as well.

As people look at things from varied perspectives, from different angles, from personal experience, and aided by deeper reflection, they can help another achieve much more than one would without their assistance.

No individual is omni-competent in any area. All can gain from insights, suggestions, and even from a better way of doing certain things differently, while ensuring the best possible results.

As it has been wisely stated, “the greatest ability is dependability.” No one is ever diminished by seeking help from another. It is no sign of weakness to ask questions whose answers may lead one to genuine accomplishment, even victory!

If it is true that “practice makes perfect,” remember that even after much practice you can still receive positive suggestions for further improvement, and concrete aid on how to reach your goal!

Besides, failure is never final; it is simply an indication that you have not yet succeeded to the level you desire, or on the basis of the expectations and judgments of others. One significant thought I carried in my pocket for several years, continues to vibrate in my heart and mind: “I would rather attempt to do something great and fail, than attempt to do nothing and succeed!”

The trouble is that many who presume to be self-sufficient keep on failing even without knowing it, simply because they don’t consult with others, nor go after help which is abundantly available.

There is a better and a best way to do anything, to achieve any purpose, to reach any destination, to accomplish any significant feat. Quite often, however, that may not be what you have initially devised but, rather, what you may learn from another. Be humble to acknowledge that and move on to real triumph!

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