Published On: Mon, Aug 16th, 2010

Political talk show host, Joyce Kaufman, speaks in Boca Raton

By Donovan Ortega

Controversial political talk show host Joyce Kaufman spoke to a packed house in BocaRaton on Monday, August 9th. The American-Israel Chamber of Commerce (AICC) sponsored the event at the European Café and guests enjoyed dinner and drinks. Executive Director of the AICC, Linda Chase, chaired the proceedings. Among the many attendees were Gloria and Milton Brenner of the West Boca Raton Community Council. As they sat at their table waiting for dinner service, they explained why they came to see Kaufman.

“She’s got a lot to say and I want to see where she’s at on the issues. She’s a hot lady,” said Gloria Brenner excitedly.

Joyce Kaufman

“She cuts right to the bone and doesn’t mince her words,” added Gloria’s husband, Milton Brenner.

True to form, Kaufman didn’t shy away from controversy. In a fifteen minute speech she broached a number of hot button issues that included: lambasting American immigration policy, stating that the American press deliberately portrays Israel negatively, claiming American universities are filled with Palestinian and Egyptian professors that “poison our children’s minds”, and likening Zionism to entrepreneurship. She scoffed at the notion that critics could boycott Israeli products.

“I would like to see people try and boycott Israeli goods,” said Kaufman while standing at the podium with a wry smile. “They’d have to turn off their computers. We’d see the Darwinian theory take effect,” she quipped to applause and laughter. It is Kaufman’s ability to firmly address multiple issues in a short span that entices her listeners to tune in, and is why she describes herself as, “one long run on sentence.”

And Kaufman didn’t stop talking at the podium. She spoke readily to anyone that approached her, affectionately answering questions before and after the event. It is one of the reasons she enjoys speaking engagements.

“It’s great because I can make a connection with people in person that I can’t do over the radio,” said Kaufman. “A majority of my listeners never call in, so when they see me they can express themselves. They can tell me if I moved them, or if they’re mad at me. It’s great.”

After Kaufman was finished speaking, Linda Chase proposed a champagne toast and then opened up the room for questions. A man in the front row volunteered and queried about the Iranian nuclear situation, asking what was going to happen if Iran developed an atomic bomb.

Kaufman paused for a moment, thinking carefully.

“Well, I don’t have a crystal ball, but I can give you my opinion,” she answered. “I think Iran will complete their mission to make a bomb. And then Israel will complete them.”

While Kaufman might not be a fortune-teller, she freely shares her strong opinions.

“I’m just glad that I have a microphone today,” said Kaufman, “Israel has been defending itself for a long time. The Jewish community has not had a voice and throughout my career, no matter what my political affiliation, I have always supported Israel.”

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