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Policies & Standards for User Posts

User Posts, whether appended to published content or submitted to Boca Buzz, are intended to foster an open exchange; viewpoints objectionable to some users may be encountered. Users agree to comply with all rules associated with website use, including user Posts. Compliant users are welcomed; non-compliant users may expect their Posts to be redacted and their accounts to be disabled, without warning. Report non-compliant behavior to Users agree that The Boca Raton Tribune may modify, retransmit or delete any Post at its discretion, and that Posts or portions of Posts may be republished by The Boca Raton Tribune.

Notwithstanding other user precepts and provisions, the following rules are applicable regarding user Posts to any digital product of The Boca Raton Tribune:

THINK BEFORE YOU POST, and ask yourself these questions:

– Is it truthful?

– Is it beneficial?

– Is it fair to all concerned?

Posts reflecting the below-listed behaviors are expressly prohibited. Such Posts will be edited or removed and the author’s account may be disabled without warning:

– Language which is profane, vulgar, in poor taste, unintelligible, threatening or which incites violence. This includes language intended to simulate profanity (e.g., “sh!t”).

– Racial, ethnic or gender slurs

– Name-calling or ad hominem remarks

– Potentially libelous* statements about any person or business/organization.

– Naming a private individual* in anything but a manifestly positive, truthful way. * A private individual is anyone not on the public/taxpayer payroll nor actively involved in the public arena – i.e., a “public figure.”

– Posts under usernames which serve to appropriate the identity of another user or person.

– The same user posting under different usernames within the same thread.

– Posts which include an improper and derogatory spelling of a person’s name or username, including names of public officials

– Posts which serve to reveal the identity (e.g. name, contact information) of another user. [Users shall refer to other users by username only.]

– Complaints about landlords, former employers or experiences with specific businesses. [Such complaints, if bona fide, may merit formal due process, for which the website is not a constructive alternative.]

– Unintelligible, incoherent or very ambiguous language

– Repetitive posts

– Posts which are off topic or irrelevant

– Posts typed in all capital letters

– Commercial promotion/advertising

– Posts regarding experience with specific businesses.

– Posts containing any information, images, trademarks or copyrighted material without permission

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  1. Michael Bell says:

    In your recent Edition 263 you had an article about traffic issues at 5th & Palmetto. I believe you oversimplified the meeting and it started with your headline Residents and City Officials Come Together, etc. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Residents are not only concerned about the present/future and “into the future” but also the possible construction at the northeast corner of that intersection (a restaurant) and the possibility of a large building on the southeast side over the canal. Talk about congestion!! The residents do not want either but the City Officials do.
    It might be best if you follow this trail as it will be of more interest to your readership.