Published On: Fri, Apr 13th, 2012

Nash Could Listen to Heat’s Offer in the Off-Season

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By: Steven Rawnsley

Now that Dwight Howard has opted in for next season, the biggest potential free agent is debatably Steve Nash.  He will be an unrestricted free agent this offseason, and he has come out and said, that in order for him to resign with Phoenix they need to improve in the offseason.  If he does not re-sign, he has admitted that he would listen to the Heat if they came calling.

The Suns have some cap room, but they also have a few bad contracts.  Right now, heading into next year, they only have $30 million on the books.  However, about seventeen million of that is wrapped into Channing Frye, Hakim Warrick, and Josh Childress. They have not used the amnesty clause, so they could unload one of them, to free up more cap space.  (Remember though, those figures are without Nash.)

I think it is safe to say that the Heat would be calling Nash, if he does not resign.  He will have to take a pay cut to sign with the Heat, as they will only be able to offer him the mid-level exception, unless there is a sign-and-trade, and Bosh would have to be involved.

What would Nash bring?  How does having a a guy that is shooting over 50% from the field, about 40% from downtown, and about 90% from the free throw line sound?  Nash might also still be the best PG leading a break.  Imagine Nash leading a break with Wade, and LeBron running with him on the sides.

Now, all of this could be a ploy to gain leverage as a free agent.  Nobody outside of Miami, wants to see Nash in a Heat uniform.


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