Published On: Sun, Apr 22nd, 2012

Congressional Candidate Adam Hasner Raises $335,000 for First Quarter of 2012

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Adam Hasner, Republican candidate for the newly-created U.S. House seat in Florida’s District 22, will report contributions of over $335,000 for the first quarter of 2012.

Notably, he raised more than $300,000 of these contributions after February 1, when he began the US House campaign and ended the US Senate campaign.

“In February we built the foundation for a solid fundraising month in March, and I am very grateful for the response and support,” Hasner said. “I look forward to the coming months and continuing to meet with the residents in Palm Beach and Broward counties that want to see real action in the economy, from real action on tax reform for families and small businesses to real action on lowering energy prices.  We have to fix a broken Washington now, for there is neither a moment nor a dollar to waste.”



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