Published On: Thu, May 26th, 2011

Choices and Consequences

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By Dr. Synesio Lyra, Jr.

To every choice one makes, there’s an inevitable consequence. Some choices bring anticipated results while, with others, the consequences may come as surprises, either good or bad.

Some consequences are immediate, while others may be seen or felt only after a prolonged, extended time. This very day the human race is still reaping both the good and the evil which were sown in a very distant past, through choices made by others. And so it shall continue to be for ages to come!

There are choices which produce drastic results, and others which bring very mild outcomes. A few, only affect the one who makes the choice, while others impact a much wider company of people, either for good or for ill. For this reason, choices must be carefully made, and with much forethought, besides the anticipation of abundant fruit, resulting from a rich harvest!

Keep in mind that even positive choices may produce negative, even dire, consequences. By the same token, innocent choices may equally contribute to unsound results and devastating consequences.

There are choices that affect one in this life only. Other choices, however, also have long-lasting consequences and, thus, must be tackled with utmost seriousness and without delay. In dealing with consequential issues, there’s no time to waste, and no reason for delays!

Many lives are wasted on earth, while others are kept from endless bliss on account of wrong or postponed choices. And not making a choice, when one is called for is, in itself, a real choice. This may be alright in a few circumstances, but not always so!

In things essential, whatever is left undone needs to be tackled, the sooner the better. Imperative decisions cannot be indefinitely postponed without the experience of inevitable, unpleasant consequences. Studiously avoid waiting until tomorrow for what can and must be accomplished today! Non-essential matters should be laid aside in favor of issues and activities whose consequences are of more urgent significance!




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