Published On: Tue, Sep 21st, 2010

Start Smart takes over Sugar Sand Park gymnasium

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By Donovan Ortega

Start Smart is an introductory sports program for children ages 3-5. Among the many youth and adult leagues that Sugar Sand Park offers, Start Smart probably presents the most fun and laughs—for children and adults.

At Sugar Sand Park on September 21st, as their parents sat in the bleachers, youngsters grouped together on the baseline of the gymnasium to listen to Jim Henegar explain the fundamentals of shooting a basketball.

“Alright guys, now where are we going to push out from?” Henegar asked, pausing to let the children answer.

“Chest!” they yelled collectively.

“Good, now who wants to try and shoot it up against the wall?”

Promptly, a four-year old  girl picked up a ball, hoisted it over her head, and threw it as hard as she could. Henegar caught the ball after it ricocheted off the wall, saving it from a long journey down court. He smiled a little bit and handed the ball back to the girl.

“Remember, push it out from your chest,” he said calmly.

And so it goes with Start Smart, where kids with more nervous energy than a can of Red Bull run around a gymnasium exploring the fundamentals of sports.

Caroline Rhine has taken her children Jackson (4) and Evan (3) to the introductory soccer program at Sugar Sand, but this is her first time at the basketball program.

“Evan and Jackson love coming to the park and when they get home they’re very excited to play the sport they practiced,” said Rhine. “And I like basketball because it’s an inside sport.”

Rhine also brought “Mimi”–the children’s grandmother–to watch the the beginning basketball program. “Mimi” is on vacation from Macon, North Carolina.

“I love watching my grandkids,” said “Mimi”. “And the weather isn’t bad in Boca either.”

To lean more about the programs offered at Sugar Sand Park call (561) 347-3900.



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