Published On: Thu, Aug 12th, 2010

WOW!ES of Boca Raton; stunning service, great food

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By Donovan Ortega

WOW!ES is a Boca Raton sports bar that warrants the exclamation point in its title.

“Wowie is what I want people to say when they walk in the door and see the beautiful wait staff and eat our wonderful food” said Sophia Macchiavello, owner of WOW!ES. While this mission statement might seem familiar in many South Florida establishments, this isn’t your ordinary sports bar.

Sophia purchased WOW!ES with her husband, Andres Machiavello, in November and transformed an ordinary watering hole into an upscale gastro pub without the high prices.  If seafood is what you crave, order the house specialty, Snapper A La Naples. It comes sautéed in a francais sauce with artichoke heart, asparagus and roasted peppers. But if that sounds too fancy, burgers and wings are available as well. What is most striking about the menu is the diversity. Where else can you have an order of “loaded” potato skins—a barroom staple— and New Zealand Green Mussels sautéed in white wine and garlic?

Along with the bartenders and servers, the interior of the bar is elegant yet casual, featuring wood floors, solid wood bars, and brick walls, which give it a fashionable, yet casual ambiance.

“I’ve been coming here since they opened,” said Michael Farrell while sitting at the bar. “It’s a nice high end establishment with good food. That’s what sets them apart. It’s not the usual grease pit you find everywhere else.”

Yael Messer paces behind the bar, polishing bottles and creating specialty cocktails for regulars. She’s been working at WOW!ES for a year and a half.

“Sophia treats us like family” said Messler. “I love working here because the atmosphere is very laid back. You can have a conversation. Strangers can talk to strangers. It’s a great place to get to know people.”

If this sounds like a step up from the aforementioned grease pits, but you’re looking to drink on the cheap, there’s no need to worry. At WOW!ES, happy hour is 12pm to 7pm every day. Friday is ladies night and women drink free from 9pm until 12pm, which includes top shelf liquor. There is live entertainment featured every Saturday night.

“We also have all the UFC and boxing events,” said Sophia. “We have 26 flat screen televisions so anywhere you sit you’ll have a great seat.”

So break out of the monotony of the usual South Florida bar scene and grab a seat at WOW!ES, and like their tagline suggests, enjoy the view.

WOW!ES is located 7036 W. Palmetto Park. Rd in the Garden Shops Plaza.



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